The Post-Covid-19 Casino: Gambling Your Life

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  • Opening letters and parcels
  • Getting food, medicine or takeaway food delivered
  • Filling up at a pay-at-pump petrol station
  • Playing tennis or golf
  • Going camping with your household or support bubble
  • Seeing friends or family in their garden or for a walk, run, or bike ride
  • Sending children to school or nursery
  • Seeing a family physician or going to a hospital appointment
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  • Staying at a hotel or other holiday accommodation (with your household or support bubble)
  • Picking up a takeaway from a restaurant
  • Eating in a restaurant and sitting outside
  • Visiting a pub beer garden
  • Shopping in a busy supermarket, high street or shopping centre
  • Taking your child to a playground
  • Seeing friends or family inside their house
  • Visiting a beach or busy beauty spot
  • Getting in someone else’s car
  • Attending a wedding ceremony or funeral service
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  • Eating in a restaurant and sitting inside
  • Attending a wedding reception (up to 30 people)
  • Getting a bus or train
  • Getting on a plane
  • Playing football or rugby
  • Giving friends and family a hug (if they are not in your household or support bubble)
  • Exercising at a gym
  • Going to a theme park
  • Going to the pub or a bar
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Peter Ling

Peter Ling


Historian and biographer but thankfully with a sense of humour. Expert on MLK, JFK, the Civil Rights Movement, and presidential scandals.